Every successful business is based on a simple idea and ours is no different, however what we have added to the mix, to differentiate ourselves from all the other operators in the market is a special focus on offering the highest levels of customer service, so much so that positive word of mouth has been a significant contributor to the thousands of customers we service on a monthly basis.

Our success to date and positive expectations for the future are grounded in six guiding principles that were established when the business was first founded. These are:

  • Specialise in one thing ( in our case oil supply and oil collection), aim to be the best at it and do it better than anyone else in the market
  • Always offer a top quality product, backed up with service levels that cannot be surpassed
  • Be competitively priced, but not the cheapest, offering a range of added extra service benefits as standard. Few customers leave us – you’ll realise why when you start using us.
  • Keep your word, get it right first time, don’t promise what you can’t deliver and never let a customer down.
  • Never take a customer for granted, don’t become complacent, remember they have a choice and never take on a new customer unless you’re sure that you can make them happy
  • Be friendly, professional in your approach and above all else – reliable. Always strive to keep all of your customers happy, all of the time.