What do we do?

We provide our customers with a unique supply and collection service, offering nationwide and worldwide coverage. Our levels of customer service are unsurpassed and our oils are healthy and of the highest quality.

Why should you use us?

Top quality product

We offer a top quality product and:

  • Specialise in one core offering – top quality oils in a convenient, easy to use format (bottles, buckets or bulk, even flexy tank) with a service that others in the market are unable to match.
  • Supply the freshest oils available on the market. Due to our large number of customers, we turn our oil around very quickly. We also have one of the largest storage capacity of oils in Ukraine.
  • Buy direct from leading refineries in Europe – cutting out the middle man allows us to offer you more competitive prices. Conversely other operators in the market may not have the ability (buying power or reputation) to deal direct with the refineries and as a result may be buying container loads of lesser quality/older oils at the cheapest possible prices.
  • Have become the market leader in Ukraine and Eastern Europe by doing one thing and doing it exceptionally well. So far we have 60% share of the market and thousands of happy customers nationwide.
  • Sell the healthiest oils- our current range includes rapeseed and soyabean – we do not have and have never sold hydrogenated oils better known as the transfat killers which have become the subject of recent health concerns. In fact we’re so committed to the health of our customers that we have added a new range of olive oils to our current portfolio and further speciality oils are to follow in the future. (Vegetable Oil)

Top quality service

We offer our customers a top quality service by:

  • Providing consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. Our thousand of regular and satisfied customers are perhaps the strongest indicator of our high levels of customer service. Our presence in the market and effective reporting and customer feedback systems alert us to customer problems or dissatisfaction should it arise and we endeavour to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively.
  • Being active practitioners of best practice- many of the organisations we deal with are leaders in their field and demand only the very best. All operate to the highest standards of best practice and we simply wouldn’t be doing business with them if we weren’t providing the highest levels of service required.
  • Setting new standards for the industry – in fact our high levels of customer service have become so well known within the industry that many of our competitors have tried (unsuccessfully) to emulate both our product and service offering.
  • Demonstrating a strong commitment to quality – we have developed a strict quality control procedure which is HACCP based.
  • Offering full traceability – to ensure that we offer our clients and their end users full traceability, all oils are batch tested in our in house lab before they are released on to the market.
  • Helping you meet your health and safety responsibilities. To allow you to do this we have responded to new regulations that limit the weight members of your staff can lift to ensure they don’t injure themselves when carrying out their job. To prevent injury to your staff we can, if requested, provide oil in smaller formats (e.g. 10, 5 litre buckets or bottles) or by use of our bulk tank system. Our investment in sturdy buckets also limits the potential for spillages reducing the potential for nasty accidents.

Environmental Benefits

We can help you honour your commitment to the environment by allowing you to demonstrate your green credentials

  • The environmental challenges facing our planet are clear and governments and local authorities are responding by imposing penalties upon companies that do not dispose of their waste in the most environmentally friendly ways available. We have already responded to this challenge by making significant investments in providing customers with systems and free equipment which helps them to minimise their waste streams and associated costs.
  • The strong environmental ethos that runs through our organization helps you and your company to meet its environmental responsibilities for a cleaner and greener environment so making the switch to GARANT OIL will not only help you to save money but it will also allow you to demonstrate your strong green credentials and corporate responsibility to your customers and local authorities’ alike.
  • Furthermore by dispensing your waste collection to a licensed collector you can demonstrate to the local authorities that you take your environmental responsibilities seriously and that you are using a legitimate and licensed collector to dispose of your waste in the most environmentally friendly manner.
  • Finally the Used Cooking Oil that we collect from your premises does not enter the human food chain and is converted in to bio diesel (bioenergy) which helps to reduce co2 emissions and green house gases which are responsible for global warming.